Jaxpointe is our brand.

When you think of Jaxpointe you should think of the Best Memory Care available.

When we started Jaxpointe in 2009 we had the idea that caring for people with memory loss albeit Alzheimer's or some other dementia, ought to be done BETTER - better setting, better care, better resident advocacy, better experience, better life, better cost. 
Jaxpointe wants to set the bar very high and establish a “Best in Practice” care model that is second to none on the planet.  These people deserve that and by accomplishing these high standards the other options out there will have to improve also!  If we lead the way with what BETTER means then we will drive improvement through the whole system, which would really be awesome!

If your loved one has a memory loss challenge, then you are going to want to have them live in a Jaxpointe residence.