CAREERS AT Jaxpointe

Jaxpointe is hiring experienced caregivers. Please send resume with experience to

Our Caregivers give reasons why they work at Jaxpointe:

"Jaxpointe is a great small environment where you can really get to know and understand each and every resident. Its' a great place to work if you like one-on-one care. We also get to help residents rehab from various ailments or setbacks and get to care for our residents through end of life."

"This is the most rewarding work I've ever done. I go home at night tired and satisfied knowing someone's day is a little better. Doing this in a tight knit small house has made it a wonderful experience."


"With the small environment, the staff is more understanding with life events such as schedule changes or emergencies and helping each other out."

"It's a fun, fast-paced environment that feels like home. It's like taking care of your own grandparents."

"The management is great, easy going, understanding, and helpful even with challenges from staff's personal life. Management is always eager to help staff excel in training whether it be first aid, care, fall prevention, safety, Alzheimer's/dementia, activities, or cooking. They also encourage and help staff increase their credentials and training on their own."

"All in all, Jaxpointe is all about doing good and bringing out the best in everyone- residents and staff.  We try to enjoy each day and help make the resident's lives a little better."