We currently have five secure Memory Care Homes throughout the Northwest Denver area. Our homes are located in beautiful residential, safe neighborhoods. For families who want to know more about our homes, we are expert at helping place your loved one in one of these residences so they assimilate well.

Each home has eight residents in six bedrooms – four are private rooms and two are shared rooms. We match residents to each house and room so that they live comfortably. It’s important to note while residents spend some quiet time and sleep in their rooms, most of the day is spent in group areas where shared activities are enjoyed.

We have an extremely low caregiver-to-resident ratio. We have two full time caregivers with eight residents during the daytime. This is an excellent ratio of 1:4 (one staff member for four residents) and one awake overnight caregiver. By keeping our caregiver ratio so low, we are able to stay fully engaged with each resident throughout the day.

Puzzles, gardening, dance parties at other residences, you name it and our residents are doing it with staff each and every day. We coordinate group trips to other Jaxpointe locations as well as fun places – the Butterfly Pavilion or local car shows, for example – to break up the routine and give residents things to look forward to.

Most of our residents choose to live at Jaxpointe through end of life. Because we provide such a loving, relaxing residence for individuals, we will coordinate home health or hospice service for individuals with special or end of life needs. We have multiple residents who are doing well and have lived in our homes for 6+ years.

Jaxpointe has relationships and partnerships with local health service organizations, ranging from home health and rehabilitation services to hospice care. We work closely with these providers and hold them to a very high standard for assisting our residents. We advocate for our residents as a member of our family for the highest possible level of service and care. If a resident must leave Jaxpointe to go to a hospital or emergency room, we make sure that they are accompanied by a member of our staff or family member and often both – regardless of the time of day or night – to advocate for this resident and assist with communications and services.

As an assisted living setting, we are licensed and overseen by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). We work closely with CDPHE, taking classes and attending numerous meetings to keep up on regulations, which helps us to constantly improve our care model.

Since opening, we have had zero violations in our homes, a testament to the training and Jaxpointe system that has been developed and followed at each house. We follow a quality management program and have used it to write our own Caregiver Handbook.

Our pricing is all-inclusive private pay. Unlike many providers who have add-on fees that surprise families each month, we have one all-inclusive fee. This covers all levels of care, the activities of daily living (ADLs), medication management, nutritious meals and snacks, laundry, monthly haircuts, foot care, incontinence management and supplies.

Please contact us to learn more about our current pricing.