Jaxpointe Story

Jaxpointe creates an environment that allows residents to relax, live with less stress and be themselves as much as possible. The residents do better in our smaller home setting because it reminds them of home, there is less confusion, an appropriate level of stimulation, staff familiarity, and a manageable environment. Families have peace of mind that residents can live here for the remainder of their lives.

Jaxpointe was founded in 2009, after the founders observed other forms of memory care that they felt missed the mark. They were too big, with not enough staff to provide the level of care needed, and lacked intimacy for those with memory loss.

We refurbish sizable ranch homes, with open floor plans, homey rooms, and large backyards for gardens, recreational opportunities or just relaxing. Each home has only eight residents, a very low resident-to-caregiver ratio (4 to 1) that allows for attentive care, and most importantly, a home-like environment.

Within a short period after opening, the feedback from families was overwhelmingly positive. Families noted that their loved ones were doing much better than if they were at home or, if they were in a larger assisted living setting, they were receiving much more one-on-one supportive care that fostered well-being. Two caregivers are available to residents all day, a service which wasn’t available in other facilities.

How did we arrive at our name? Originally from the Midwest, Russ was familiar with the term “pointe” as a reference to “destination.” Combining that sense of destination for residents – at their new home – he blended that with a nod to his father’s first name.

“Jaxpointe is an amazing work environment with supportive bosses and coworkers who care. Residents and staff are all extended family. I have never had a better job in my life.” – Mellisa

Our philosophy for assisted living


Our philosophy for assisted living is clear – treat residents the way you would treat your own family member.

We don’t treat our residents like they have a disease – dementia, memory loss or other issues. We treat them like the people they are. They may need a little help when they transfer from their chair, or assistance in the bathroom, or selecting their outfit. We are there to meet their needs.

We believe smaller settings are better for residents and their well-being. We communicate with families often, make them aware of events and activities that might be of interest, and ensure families know their questions, visits and input is welcome. We make it possible for family members to come and visit while enjoying the time they spend with their loved one.

We also believe in caregiver continuity. We value our team members, and we work together to ensure every day for our residents includes meaningful activities that match each resident’s desires and needs. We model good care and set the bar high with extensive staff training, so residents can enjoy their day.

“We’ve had family members tell us after their family member passed away that this was the best couple of years the resident had in a long time. That keeps you coming back to work.” – Stephanee