The Jaxpointe Difference

Jaxpointe Memory Care Homes employs more than 30 staff who help deliver around-the-clock care in each of our homes. Staff members undergo ongoing training in working with individuals with memory loss conditions. In addition to generalized training, team members are trained to understand the individual residents and what their specific needs are.

QMAP status – All Jaxpointe staff have completed classes to become Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP) administered by the Colorado Department of Human Services. This training helps all of our caregivers know their residents better, understand what medications they take and why. As such, they can:

  • Administer medications according to written physician’s orders
  • Maintain proper documentation of the administration of both prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Use proper techniques when administering medications by various routes
  • Safely and accurately fill and administer medications to and from medication reminder boxes with oversight from a licensed person or qualified manager

First Aid and CPR Certified – Staff are trained in basic first aid needs and CPR techniques and follow a clear protocol for summoning additional health care support as needed.

Advocates for Residents – Our staff are advocates for residents working closely with healthcare providers. When residents have medical appointments or emergencies, we usually go with them to support with communication challenges, work alongside the healthcare provider and advocate for their care.

Senior Caregivers – Senior caregivers are a select group of long term employees who are going through training to develop into future administrators. Senior caregivers and the leadership team are available around the clock to support caregivers’ and residents’ needs.

Our model is much more cost effective and successful for the people with memory loss than larger assisted living and nursing home facilities. There is one rate which is all inclusive that is not dependent on different levels of care. We avoid hidden costs common within many elder care settings. Families who have shopped around with larger, institutional memory care services understand we provide exceptional value for the great caregiver-to-resident ratios, comprehensive services and overall lifestyle of our residents. Please call us for current pricing. We accept private pay and long-term care insurance. Please note that many veterans qualify for Veteran’s Aid and Attendance financial assistance program.

Each Jaxpointe Memory Care Home offers six bedrooms, including four private rooms and two shared rooms. What’s important to remember is that while our rooms are comfortable, well-kept and surrounded by each resident’s belongings that help stimulate positive memories, life at Jaxpointe is lived mostly in the living areas – activity room, dining room, living rooms, and backyard space, where residents join others in shared activities, laughter, and group events that keep residents moving, active and healthy. We like to say “our residents sleep in their rooms, but life happens in our common areas.”

“I’ve created “All about me books,” which are individualized scrapbooks for each resident. We fill them with personalized information about their lives. I loved spending time in the day going through these books with residents to keep them engaged with who they are.” –Mellisa

“There is a great appreciation among families for how much we care for their loved one. It gives them a great sense of relief.” – Stephanee

We focus on building and nurturing resident strengths through engaging activities. This focus helps build a buffer against problems that diminish resident health and well-being. We offer residents daily activities which support both their physical and mental health:

  • Exercise Classes: A certified physical therapy assistant, with 20 years of experience, visits each house twice a week offering residents specialized routines to keep them physically engaged. The caregivers continue to work with residents on these routines throughout the week, providing residents with consistent exercise.
  • Music: Personalized music programs are developed, and weekly musical entertainers keep residents mentally stimulated and engaged.
  • Nature and the Outdoors: Supported by Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine, residents use the outdoor walking paths, gardens and patio spaces to get additional exercise and get rejuvenated by the outdoors.

Throughout the day, our activities are dictated by the residents, whether it is working in the garden – our residents absolutely love helping watch things grow and flourish – or working on a puzzle or other craft. And each day, we incorporate healthy, appropriate activities that keep residents alert, smiling and healthy.

We encourage and enable residents to stay active, do things that help them have purpose and feel useful such as cooking, crafts, teaching, music, writing, painting, walking, exercising, house chores, outings to fun places like the zoo, aquarium, church activities, seasonal parades and festivals, libraries, horse farms, rodeos and more. By pitching in on daily chores and going out into the community, purpose and well-being are enhanced.

Meals are a central component of the Jaxpointe day. We begin with breakfast, a meal that starts with the smell of freshly-cooked food traveling down the halls and into the residents’ rooms that invites the residents to come eat. Breakfast time can be flexible, depending when residents like to wake up. It’s the smell of coffee, baked goods and other pleasant memories that starts off their day.

We utilize a dietician-approved menu system and provide three home-cooked meals and snacks throughout the day. Eating healthy foods helps everyone stay well, but for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory loss, it is even more critical. We buy healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products. We have learned that the interaction around meals stimulates healthy eating and benefits resident health in a very positive way.

Change can be difficult for a person with Alzheimer’s disease. But by maintaining familiar routines and serving favorite foods, meals are easier, and our residents are more relaxed and social. Like a family meal, we sit together for lunch and dinner. Because we have such continuity in staff, we learn and support resident preferences. We are patient, respectful and are attentive to dietary needs.

Jaxpointe Memory Care Homes welcomes family involvement. We keep families informed of care plans, ongoing activities, and each family is encouraged to visit for activities, meals, special events, birthdays, holidays and more. When one person has a visitor, everyone feels like that they have a visitor. It is a beautiful thing when you have a “family group”.

Families are able to take their loved one out for a ride, a meal, family event or night away. Holidays are a festive time, with families and friends crowding our homes to share the holiday. Many of our family members also volunteer in our homes and for resident activities.

“There is not a day when a family member isn’t stopping by. We have an open door policy. If they’re dropping off a treat for their parent, they bring enough for everyone.” –Mellisa

When residents join our family, we assist with daily activities of living, from showering and dressing to grooming and hygiene.

Plan of Care: We create an individualized plan of care in combination with an assessment from our team, healthcare providers and the family. This will include ambulation, bathing, bowel and bladder, communication issues, dietary needs, dressing, personal preferences, social history, and past and present hobbies. These care plans are reviewed and updated by our team with the families.

Showering: Each home has walk-in showers. Showers are equipped with a shower chair, grab bars, non-slip floors, and hand-held shower heads. Our caregiving staff is trained to assist our residents with any showering needs. A resident’s shower schedule is set up upon admission per the family and resident’s request for number of showers per week.

Dressing: Caregivers assist each resident, as needed, with dressing. Depending on the stage of memory loss, this may be more involved or not. We work with the family and resident to maintain an enjoyable and comfortable dress style. Our goal is for residents to be respected, safe and comfortable, so they dress appropriately for the weather and ongoing activities. As the dementia progresses, we are able to offer more assistance as the resident needs and total assistance for those who need it.

Grooming and Hygiene: Our caregivers assist residents daily with oral hygiene, shaving and grooming. A hair stylist visits monthly to cut our residents’ hair. A podiatry nurse comes to provide proper foot and nail care. Often activities include polishing nails, hair styling and dressing up.