Being the main caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s or memory impairment is a full-time job. Many people who care for their loved one want to keep them at home as long as they can but have difficulty knowing when the right time to place them and, more importantly, where to place them.

Often when families are deciding what to do for a family member who can no longer care for themselves, they are in crisis mode. The family has usually attempted to provide the care, but with a lack of training, time, resources, or living space, struggle to do so.  In many cases, an event occurs such as a fall that causes serious injury and/or their loved one’s health begins to decline rapidly and the caregiver becomes overwhelmed and unable to continue to completely provide for their loved one without additional help.

Common Scenarios for Families Caring for a Loved One Living with Memory Impairment

A husband caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s, after months of barely sleeping, is exhausted and not able to provide the care his wife needs while his own health is neglected.

A daughter is seeking placement for her father diagnosed with dementia because she cannot continue to work full-time, raise her kids and try to oversee his care daily in a facility that seems ill-equipped to deal with his active and curious behavior.

A wife seeks help for her disabled husband who has short-term memory loss due to a neurological condition requiring full-time monitoring, while she works full-time to help support the family and pay for his care.

Why You Should Consider A Residential Care Home

The Denver Metro area now has several smaller residential care home assisted living facilities specializing in memory care carving out a very successful niche in the long-term care field. Many people, like the ones above, are unaware that these options for care even exist.

Residential memory care homes like Jaxpointe Memory Care Homes provide a caring environment that is nothing like living in a large, assisted living or memory care facility. Residential care homes have normal size living and dining rooms with comfortable furnishings and easily accessible (no elevators) outdoor space for residents to enjoy surrounded by beautiful gardens. Jaxpointe residential care homes remind residents of their own homes but with caregivers that provide personalized help with activities of daily living such as walking, bathing, toileting, medication management, and eating in addition to the activities of the day.

The aromas of meals cooked in the kitchen help bring everyone to the dining room to socialize and engage with the small group of people living there, which often leads to the residents becoming like family to each other. The residents adjust more easily to their new living situation and family members who have been caregivers are able to just visit and enjoy their time with their loved ones without having the overwhelming responsibility of their care, which is being provided by trained professionals.

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