Many people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia are not aware that there are care options beyond a family member providing care, hiring an in-home caregiver for help, or moving their loved one into a large, assisted living or memory care facility. However, in the Denver Metro area, smaller state-licensed residential care homes like JaxPointe Memory Care Homes are carving out a very successful niche in the long-term care field. Residential care homes offer an environment with a totally different care model than staying at home and the difficulties that often entail, or moving a loved one to a large care facility where they may not adjust well to living in an environment completely foreign to them.

Consider this scenario:

A daughter is seeking a new placement for her father, diagnosed with dementia because she cannot continue to work full-time, raise her children, and oversee his care every day in a large facility ill-equipped to deal with his active, curious, and wandering behavior.

Oftentimes families attempt to care for a loved one who can no longer care for themselves due to the progression of memory loss symptoms. This is usually not sustainable and they find themselves in crisis mode because the needs of their loved ones are beyond what they can provide, causing undue stress to both the person living with dementia and the family member(s) trying to keep up with their ever-changing needs.  Though they know their loved one will not or is not doing well in a large memory care community, they may be unaware that an alternative exists, one that provides an intimate home-like environment with personalized care by specially trained caregivers.

Reasons to Consider a Residential Memory Care Home

A well-run residential care home like Jaxpointe Memory Care Homes offers a safe home-like setting with regular living rooms, dining rooms, comfortable furnishings, and easy access to the outdoors with space to stroll around while enjoying the flower gardens fresh air, and sunshine.

In our Memory Care Homes, the small group of residents living together often become like family. In most of our locations, eight residents or less under the care of two caregivers who know them all very well, are able to interact with each other and enjoy doing a variety of activities together all day.  Homemade meals are cooked right there in the kitchen luring everyone together to enjoy sharing stories and memories over meals much like they have for most of their lives.

Jaxpointe Memory Care Homes become the resident’s home in every way and make it easy to have visitors and enjoy outings with plenty of support. Residents’ families have a heavy burden lifted off their shoulders because they know their loved one is in a secure and engaging environment being cared for by dementia-care experts where they can make new friends that accept them as they are in this stage of their life.

If you are looking for long-term care for a loved one with memory loss we encourage you to come take a tour of a Jaxpointe Residential Care Home and see everything we have to offer. Call 303-420-5990 and schedule your tour today.