A residential care home for your loved one living with Alzheimer’s or dementia offers a unique care model where less is truly more. Families with an older adult who needs assisted living memory care often find that a smaller living space that more closely resembles a home rather than a hotel offers more benefits in terms of quality of life and overall health and wellbeing.

Why Choose a Residential Care Home

When the difficult time comes that a loved on can no longer live in their home due to Alzheimer’s or dementia and diminished physical capabilities, families want to make the transition to a new residence with the appropriate level of care needed as smoothly as possible. Settling into a residential care home is often less stressful for the individual because it looks and feels a lot like the home they are used to. Jaxpointe Memory Care homes are tucked into quiet neighborhoods with familiar looking bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces designed to accommodate all levels of mobility.

Less Challenges for Residents and Staff

In a residential care home, there is less wide-open space and long hallways to navigate which can be disorienting and confusing to someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. There are less doors that all look the same and fewer new people coming and going, which can also raise anxiety levels for someone with a memory impairment.

Our staff also finds caring for residents in a home-like setting where they can really get to know each other is also less stressful for them. They can really spend time with residents, learning their preferences, habits and better anticipate their needs, something not possible in a large, assisted living or memory care facility with dozens of people per caregiver to look after.

More Personalized Care

A Jaxpointe Memory Care Home offers residents more of everything they need to enjoy the best quality of life possible. With only eight residents in the home, they receive more personalized attention from the small staff to meet their needs. With more time to spend with each resident caregivers can tailor their schedule to what suits them best and are more likely to observe behavior and/or health changes right away and alert family members and medical professionals to ensure they continue to get the level of care they need to thrive and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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A small residential care home offers your loved one a home-like environment with close personal attention from their caregivers to help them manage the challenges they face when living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you are interested in a learning more about the unique care model offered by Jaxpointe Memory Care Homes, or would like a tour of one of our five beautiful locations, please visit our website or call 303-420-5590